Ways To Optimize Your E-Commerce Website

E-commerce has changed the way people shop. The majority of shoppers prefer going online, finding what they want, then ordering it. It seems that e-commerce has modified the shopping behavior of consumers in more ways than one. Such modifications have prompted business owners to launch e-commerce websites to fully adapt to innovation.

If you plan on starting an online business, or maybe you already have, it is good to know how to optimize your e-commerce website. The following tips can help you optimize your e-commerce website effectively:

It is important to increase your site speed. Online shoppers are not very keen on waiting. There are several other websites they can check out when one website won’t load or work as expected.

Learn about the render start time (RST) RST is how long it takes for the website to display its first page or content. When RST is longer than usual, it’s annoying and you can’t expect your customers to wait. If you don’t know already, Google also considers site speed when ranking websites. To check your site’s speed, you can use Google Checker. 

Check out these tips below on how you can increase your website loading speed:

·  Reduce the data size of your files. You can do this by compressing photos, videos, and other content.

·   Get a faster web hosting plan if you can afford it. The cost may be higher, but a competitive web hosting plan can potentially increase your website’s loading speed.

·   Reduce the number of plugins. Plugins add several features to your website but the more plugins there are, the more resources will also be needed for them to run. Aside from slowing down the website, it may also cause security issues with third-party providers.

There are several ways you can help increase your website speed. If you’re not sure which one applies to your website, you can also consider reaching us for help. We can be of great help when optimizing your e-commerce website. We are also offering full strategic services that can help your marketing activities.

Mailchimp free website builder

Mailchimp, known as an email marketing platform expanded into other marketing offerings for small businesses. They introduced a new website-building platform.

While the company already hosts basic landing pages visitors can click to from an email marketing campaign, the new website builder, launched in a beta version offers simple templates that businesses can use to build sites without coding skills needed. Business only needs domain name registration or can use generic name bussinessname.mailchimpsites.com to Create and host their website for free.

From now on users can reach clients and realize their marketing campaigns on the same platform, new  website builder  integrates with emails, landing pages, signup forms, social posts and ads.

5 add-on for Google Chrome that can help you for sure

“Check My Links”

The free Check My Links allows you to “comb through” all the links in the text you have published, or you just want to publish. After you install this Google Chrome plugin and open the page you want to check, click on Check My Links icon, and in the special window you will see all the links – those which are not ok are red, those who are problematic are yellow, and links with Where all is well are green. This way, you’ll know if you’ve linked something right or not.


The Momentum is also a free add-on for Google Chrome that works by the principle “to do” list. Each time you open Chrome, the Momentum will ask you what is your main task (focus) for that day, which means that the point of this plugin is to guide you through your obligations and help you to skip anything or forget it. When you’ve finished all of the tasks you typed, just wait for them as ready or clear them. Useful, isn’t it?


If you are working in English, this add-on to Google Chrome is all you ever wanted to have! 🙂 guess, thanks to him you can say goodbye to grammatical errors both in blogs and on social media announcements, because Grammarly will correct you! And yes, it’s free!


With this free add-on, you’ll be able to discover all of your social media profiles (and common connections) to the person you’re interested in, and you might want to connect to. Given that Discoverly “cooperates” with Gmail, the same boxing will appear when you click an email.


You must know about GYPHY, only you might not know it was a Google Chrome add-on. Thanks to it, you can easily add a gif wherever you want.

Site optimization for faster loading web pages

Optimization of the site for faster loading of pages on your Wortdpress can have a large impact on your digital results. The faster load of the pages makes the fewer visitors quit the preview, therefore note the smaller bounce installments, users have a better user experience and will continue to read other pages, of course, and the spider of Google search can love you more, which will make Your website has an overall higher ranking on the Internet.

In addition, Google and other search engines have started punishing slow websites by lowering them to lower positions in search results, which automatically means fewer visits.

So, if you want more visitors, more subscribers, better profits from your website, you need to make sure your WordPress site is fast.