Mailchimp free website builder

Mailchimp, known as an email marketing platform expanded into other marketing offerings for small businesses. They introduced a new website-building platform.

While the company already hosts basic landing pages visitors can click to from an email marketing campaign, the new website builder, launched in a beta version offers simple templates that businesses can use to build sites without coding skills needed. Business only needs domain name registration or can use generic name bussinessname.mailchimpsites.com to Create and host their website for free.

From now on users can reach clients and realize their marketing campaigns on the same platform, new  website builder  integrates with emails, landing pages, signup forms, social posts and ads.

Site optimization for faster loading web pages

Optimization of the site for faster loading of pages on your Wortdpress can have a large impact on your digital results. The faster load of the pages makes the fewer visitors quit the preview, therefore note the smaller bounce installments, users have a better user experience and will continue to read other pages, of course, and the spider of Google search can love you more, which will make Your website has an overall higher ranking on the Internet.

In addition, Google and other search engines have started punishing slow websites by lowering them to lower positions in search results, which automatically means fewer visits.

So, if you want more visitors, more subscribers, better profits from your website, you need to make sure your WordPress site is fast.